Mature Team--Main members

--Our main team include sales, goldsmith, CAD drawing, designers, mold manager, QC leader and producton manager are all over 10 years experience.

multi-craftsmanship capabilities

--casting, stamping, CNC screw system ,hand-made, different color plating

--multi-surface effects(brush,shiny, satin, hammer)

--with above ability, you don’t need to limit your designs.

stable global-chain supply

--We also work with global-chain supply to fulfill our multi-element demands.  Our supplies are from Italy, Germany, Japan, USA, Tahiti and Brazil etc. 

multi metals and stones

--multi- metal styles: sterling silver, 9K, 14K & 18K 
--multi- stones material: cubic zirconia, gemstones, semi-preicou stones, fresh water culture pearls, sea water culture pearls, diamond

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