Jewellery Surface Craft --- Brush




Brush craft is quite often used during jewellery making. No matter pendant, earring, or bangle and rings, some whole pcs brush, some brush and shiny mixed, some brush and matte mixed.


Brush has soft and silk feeling, not sharp, not strong. That’s why so many people love it so much.



In Renfook, we have two versions of brush, we call thick and tiny brush. They use different tools to get these effect, rotative tool to get thick brush, and sandy paper to get tiny brush.


Brush can bring the strong nice looking contrast for the concave and convex sides.

The best part of brush is that it can handle the angel, concave and corner well, compared with polishing, as polishing tools can not get in.



When brush mixed with shiny, it shows well for both effect. The jewelry layering is more obvious, make jewellery looking more three dimensional and vivid.


If you have any question about brush, don’t hesitate to email us thanks.