Jewellery Craft --- Sunken Hammer




Sunken Hammer is a technique that distresses the smooth surface to create a bent,wavy, or flattened effect. It also hardens wire and adds a special texture to it. The texture is a bit sunken or engraved. To get the same nice texture and cost saving, we usually make this effect on mother mold.


Hammer 1: big and loose hammer

This hammer is loose and rough hammer, we call it as big hammer, which is what we see mostly in market.



Hammer 2: small and delicate hammer

This is made by drill bits with hand, taking more time to do, creating a delicate texture and detail looking. Form far review, it looks like cubic zirconia setting effect.



Sunken hammer effect is quite often used in jewelry making step. It is one of the most popular styles since long time ago.


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